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Венсан Компани: Никогда не перейду в каталонскую Барселону. [11 Jan 2016|03:20pm]
Венсан Компани: Никогда не перейду в каталонскую Барселону. https://vk.com/club111558035
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Леса строительные [11 Jan 2016|04:17am]
Леса строительные http://lider82.ru/7-lesa-stroitelnye.html
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Штукатурные Комплекты [11 Jan 2016|02:23am]
Штукатурные Комплекты http://lider82.ru/shtukaturnye-komplekty.html
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Придумай подпись! Лучшие будут опубликованы в декабрьском номере журнала. [11 Jan 2016|02:01am]
Придумай подпись! Лучшие будут опубликованы в декабрьском номере журнала. http://длань.рф/derevyannye-lyustry-pod-starinu-osobyj-aktsent-v-interere-2/
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ПСЖ и Челси обменялись голами в матче 1/8 финала Лиги чемпионов. [11 Jan 2016|01:50am]
ПСЖ и Челси обменялись голами в матче 1/8 финала Лиги чемпионов. http://длань.рф/luchshij-vybor-derevyannye-lyustry-v-internet-magazine/
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[12 Apr 2005|03:57pm]
i love how we trick everyone.

alison is me.
i am alison.

see how it works?
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[12 Apr 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | too damn good for asian food ]

today i have decided i am racist!

i can't fucking speak chinese. or italian or anything.
i can't use chopsticks. i am allergice to silk. and those little accents are just annoying.

i like the yams. and the yamel. that is it.
i like jeremy's backside. and I LOOOOOOOOVE MR.VILDERS.

i did not enjoy those asian culture thingys.
who cares?! nobody. i don't care about some guy blowing ice. or some naked girl with paint on her titties.
personally i like the white people things.
like meat-loaf. and pork chops.
and i don't like alexz.

we got all rained on. and had to go to this bookstore.
where i was yet again attacked by some more asian-ness.
like the "best inventions by the japanese"
i threw that shit on the ground.

in fact. i hate asians so much i will not even look at them or talk to them.
except alysha.
who is the best asian i know. she is not even a real one.

the men at pikes were totally hitting on me though.
they gave me the hot looks and asked for some donuts.
they said girls like sparkly things. not fish.
they were pretty much right.

i like short doors in bathrooms and i like having our best guys back safe and sound.
that is a shout out to mark and aaron!
the most thuggin mother effers around m-ville.
ya hear?!

peace ladies and gentlemen.

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I am Alysha, HEAR ME ROAR!!! (or speak chinese) [12 Apr 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | CHINESE!!!! ]

So today
was CHINA day
in seattle
where all my asian homies live
You know, I ate some of my Asian food
and I did my asian walk
and I looked at asian pictures
what a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I did end up wearing the wrong shoes
they hurt my feet so I had a nice swaggar after I got off the bus
except, I think it made me look more sexy
or at least it made me FEEL that way
tee hee hee. (my asian laugh)

Oh boy, so, Alison
I have been thinking about this
You are one of the hottest white girls I know
and you play soccer
so... that is an automatic plus
AND now you have a sexy new car
so that is like 50 million more points right there
yeah, too bad all those boys are missing out.

DAMN BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[11 Apr 2005|05:30pm]
[ mood | thug lovin ]

yo yo yo.

i am alison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't really have much to say!!!!!!!!!!

hey hey guess what YOU ARE GAY!

alysha is HOT and YOU are NOT.

today i figured out i am going to marry kevin the asian! he is tall! and squinty! and and...ASIAN!
lukester is arranging a date. probably at denny's. luke lives there with the vampire twin boys.


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[11 Apr 2005|05:06pm]
holla back

So yes, dis is da gangsta lyfe yo!
All you bitches and hos
you know you wanna be just like me
my arms is breezy
fo sheezy
up in one tweezy
and I ain't lyin'
you crazy kids
you'll love me
as your last wish
bomb-ass nigga bitch!!!

Yea yea...
damn, where are Mark and Aaron?

I love da Chinese and the china-heads and asain faces out there!!!
I am seeing them tomorrow.
I am the asian face you know.
I am proud of my heritage.
I love you/me...
Yes siree
in my washed out jeans
keeping it oh so clean
best not be mean

Shut up all you haters
You know my rhymes are HOTT.
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damn it feels good to be a gangsta [11 Apr 2005|03:49pm]
[ mood | sustanance ]

sup all g's.

updation. negotiation.
floatation device.
is brown rice
you gotta pay that price.
if you wanna be a real nigga like me.
beg and plea
fo no mo mercy.
you dead
in the head

today i noticed shane's pants.
his hot hot pants.
that ass. that thing.
yummy. nummy.

that's about all that went on today. and also that dani got dissed by the biggest hoochie in da world. i really really don't enjoy her bad aura. she sends negative vibes to everyone. but it is alright dani you are a strong independent woman. and you know how to work it. without her. and anyways she is just extra weight!

oooo diss on mrs. meanie head.

lata gurlz.

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[01 Apr 2005|03:08pm]
[ mood | BOMB!!! ]

Yo! Dis is da bitches!!!

well anyways. today was a rather logistical day.
we just hung out with our best pimp friends.
kyle and luke.
they took us out to lunch at jack in the box.
of course like usual luke brought his coupons for the five for five deal.
except it was for arbys. so we couldn't use it.
but anyways. we all had an orgy in lukes probe and it was rather convivial.

So anyway.
Shane has an uncloe.
and I am it.
I feel honored.


So anyway, back to the story...
After Jack in the Box
we went to K-Mart
con Dani
and we looked at 99 cent makeup
and sparkly things
and ugly shoes.
It was sad.
And we didn't find any cute prom dates there.

If I (we) don't make it back tomorrow
just know that I (we) love you
Alison is driving
first driving experience to Seattle
as long as I'm better than Alysha and don't run into a wall
then I think I am ok.

show show show-ER
oh my how being clean is so fun!

This is a good first entry.
I'm out.

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